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LaPlayta 14ner 7/4/04
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Dog Paddle
Balin swimming
My Stick
Who taught them to be so obediant?
Nice camp
Am I blocking the view?
Rock'n View
Catch up!
Wild Flowers
Glowing Cacti
Houla's 1st 14ner!
Water Slide!
Come on Balin, I can smell the top!
Kim finished what she started with no regrets
Taking in the view
I'm not scared, but Mom is!
Jenrichs on Top
Same view on way down
T n Shaggy
Dog-gone Tired

We camped up Independence Pass at Lincoln Creek and then journeyed to the trailhead on Sunday morning. A glorious August day let us enjoy La Playta peak at 14,336 (4 mile 4,400 ft. climb). A gradual woodsy start that included some nice staircases which opened up to the never-ending switch backs filled with a variety of wild flowers, scree and snow. One of our favorites so far. Chad's 4th 14ner, Kim and Balin's 2nd and Houla's 1st.

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