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Peru 5/20/03
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Chad and Carri at entrance to our guide service
Yummy meat market
Overlooking Cusco from the ruins
Rob, Chad, Kim, Carri
Ruins above Cusco
Is Carri half in the bag?
Teachers Strike Blocking road
Our stellar driving crew sneaking past the strike.
Last call before the trek
The happy campers
Beggining of Inca Trail
Sean and Chad modeling
Sean and Carri
Some of the terrace's
2nd day on trail
Kim, Chad, Carri, and Sean at the top of Dead Woman's Pass
View from pass
Lunch time!
Only the finest foot gear
Campsite footwear.  Nice slipper's Sean!
View of Dead Womans pass where we came from
Chad, Kim, Carri, Sean
Inca Watch Tower?
Sean Miller
start of some steep stairs, around 2800 total
see any taters? terracing for farming
Sunrise hike to Machupicchu
Sunrise over the Andes
Sean (view of Machu Picchu from Sungate)
4th day, Machupicchu
Alter Window - During Winter Solstice the Sun shines through the Sun Gate and through this window onto the alter.
Hut Lodging
Notice the different size and shape blocks
Machu Picchu Mascot Dog
View from top of Juana Picchu
Background shows road up to Machu
Town of Aguas Calientes below Machu Picchu
Train back to Cusco
Trantula (Size of hand)
Inside Tree
Back in Cusco

Stayed at The Hotel Libertado in Cusco and traveled with Inca Explorers. Our tour guide's name was Jaime (pronounced Hi-may). Inca Trail to Machu Picchu:
  • 26 miles over 4 days.
  • The highest point is at 13,000 ft.
  • On day 2 you climb 3/4 of a mile over 6 miles.
  • There are 9,622 uneven, stone stairs (appoximately half up and half down)

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